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David Floyd
David Floyd
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Tip of the Month

The Really Empty Nest

What happens if you put your house on the market and it doesn't sell before you have to move to a new location? It's harder to sell an empty house, your insurance company may not want to cover it if vandalism is a problem, and there are probably two mortgages to cover.

One solution is a “house-sitter” arranged for through a management service. The tenant comes in with furniture to make the house look lived in, and the service keeps the property ready to show.  The house-sitter pays less than half the going rate for rent, which goes to the management service.  It's worthwhile to the seller just to keep the property on the market in good condition.

There’s nothing cut-and-dried about the real estate business these days.  We’ve learned to be knowledgeable about new wrinkles in sales promotion and marketing, and flexible enough to use them when they’re called for.  Put our experience to work for you.

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